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3 Reasons Why Spring and Fall are the Best Times for Beach Weddings in Destin, FL

Beach Weddings in Destin, FL

As owners and managers of more than 8 vacation rental properties in Destin, we get a lot of inquiries from guests looking to have destination weddings on the gorgeous white sand beaches of Destin, FL - and, who could blame them? Destin is absolutely one of the most gorgeous beach vacation spots in the Southeast (or, if I may boldly say - in the entire South and East!), so it's not unusual for brides and grooms to want to make Destin their destination wedding location.

And while any time of year in Destin is basically amazing, we believe that the spring and fall are two of the best times of year for your beach wedding in Destin, and here are 3 major reasons why:

  1. Best Weather - We recommend having your beach wedding in Destin in the spring (from mid-April to end of May) and the fall (mid-August to mid-November) for one big reason that's extremely important when it comes to an outdoor wedding on the beach - THE WEATHER. These times of year (April-May and August-November) have amazing weather, it's typically still warm, or even hot, during the days (though, not as scalding and humid as the prime summer months of June and July) and the nights cool down a little. Something about the spring and fall sunsets are also uniquely beautiful - typically a lot more bright oranges, pinks and purples. There's nothing better than a gorgeous wedding ceremony on the beach with warm weather and a light breeze, where your guests aren't sweating to death, and finishing it off with a great reception or dinner on the sand or on an outdoor deck/patio under the stars and while the sunsets over the gulf horizon. Seriously, it doesn't get any better than that!

  1. Lower Costs - We also suggest to engaged couples that they consider these times of year for their beach wedding in order to take advantage of lower costs and to save some money. Our family has been through a couple weddings recently, and we know how critical every dollar in the wedding budget can be! Any way to save money in a wedding is helpful - saved money can either allowed go towards having something else that you really wanted in your wedding, or to your honeymoon, or just to your savings account (maybe to buy a house or some other sort of investment as you start your lives). So, if you're looking to have a beach wedding in Destin, FL in the middle of summer - like in June or July - not only are you going to be facing the highest temperatures and humidity, but you'll also be paying the highest prices. Off-season rentals go for significantly less, sometimes even half or more! For instance, I chatted with a bride today about renting two of our adjoining beachfront vacation rental properties in Destin, FL that sleep a total of 49 people together for her wedding in June 2019. The cost of both properties for a full week was going to be about $15,000 - all in. For her to have her wedding in late September 2019 for the same number of nights and in the same two beachfront properties, it would instead cost her about $9,000 (a savings of $6,000 or 40% compared to June!), and if she wanted to have her wedding in mid-May 2019 for the same number of nights and in the same two beachfront properties, it would instead cost her about $7,000 (a savings of $8,000 or 53% compared to June!). Who doesn't want to SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on their wedding budget?!?

  1. More Availability - And lastly, we also recommend looking at vacation rentals for the spring and fall for your beach wedding in Destin because there's going to be generally more available properties in the area. That means not only will you have more choices as to where you want to stay for your wedding and what venue(s) you want to use for your wedding, but also any guests that you're inviting to your destination wedding will have more vacation rental property options to choose from, and that they'll be more likely to find something available closer to where you're staying.

So, if you're considering Destin, FL as the location of your DESTINation wedding (see what we did there? hehe), then you should definitely consider the above 3 reasons why spring and fall are the best times to have your beach wedding in Destin.

And, if you're looking for a truly unforgettable experience, consider renting a beachfront vacation property (we have a few you can look at!) that has its own private beach area. Not only can you stay right in that property during your trip, you can also host the entire wedding there, too - from the ceremony out on the private beach area (read: no permits needed on private beaches!!) and a reception dinner on the sand or on the deck right there, you don't have to go anywhere. Having your beach wedding at a beachfront vacation rental property makes everything much more convenient for you, which means less stress and more enjoyment on your wedding day!

Are you planning your beach wedding in Destin, FL? Do you want to learn more about our beachfront vacation rental properties for your beach wedding? Contact us today!

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