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About Us

Family-owned and operated. 
Our beach homes are your beach homes. 

We are a family that owns and manages vacation homes in Destin, FL. Not only do we rent our vacation homes to other families to make blissful beach memories, we also stay and make family memories in our vacation homes. Our beach homes are truly your beach homes while you're there. Read more to meet the family. 

Kimberly (Mother) - As the matriarch of the family, Kimberly was the one who bought the first family beach property in Destin, FL many years ago. It was a life-long dream of hers to own a beach house where she could step right off the back deck into the sand, and she was able to achieve that dream. This inspired her children to join the family business. Kimberly owns Green Reef Units 13 & 18.

Family photos were taken on our private beach in Destin, FL by Headstrong Studios

Emily (Daughter) - As a passionate web guru and marketing whiz, Emily manages the marketing and promotion of our vacation homes.

Jimmy - As an ex-athlete and an IT authority, and as Emily's husband, Jimmy manages basic maintenance and other tasks in the homes. 

Emily & Jimmy own Green Reef Unit 6/



Together, our family wants to ensure that your vacation experience is one you'll never forget! 

Vacation rental in Destin, FL
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